1/3 Cotton Pads
1/3 Cotton Pads



No more wasted products! Pyunkang Yul has developed a smaller cotton pad that is still designed to effectively deliver toner or essence to the skin while only requiring "1/3" of the amount of liquid skincare product. 

This unique cotton pad soaks up your favorite skincare liquids then releases it back in the skin with a quick sweep. Made with a pulp and rayon blend, these pads are perfect for making your own sheet masks at home. Saturate 3-4 pads with your choice of hydrating toner or essence, and place onto areas of your face that need the extra boost. Wait 5-10 minutes before removing, continue with the rest of your skincare routine. 

160 pads / box 

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Scent: Invigorating tea tree  

Texture: Light oil 

Material: Pulp Rayon blend 

After cleansing apply your favorite toner or essence to a cotton pad and sweep over face.